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It's been a long night in New York City

Mrs. Derek Jeter
24 May 1989
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If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere.
I'm confused about life all the time. I love watching & talking & playing sports. The New York Yankees are my number one. I am emotionally attached to them & they make me all kinds of crazy. I love music & concerts & driving with the windows down & the music blasting. I'm majoring in TV & Film production and I love it so much. I love songs that I can clap to. I like to read & write & be alone with my thoughts. My best friends & I are the most hilarious people ever. I'm a huge nerd. I am extremely awkward & clumsy. I hate when people go through my stuff. I am obsessed with sharks & marine life. I can recite every episode of Friends. I am an observer. I hate when people won't step out of their bubble. I over-analyze everything. During the off season, I resort to football. John Mayer is my favorite musician. I underline my favorite lines in books & fold over the pages so I can go back & write them all down. I love having time alone. I love people watching in the city, so i can get ideas for outfits. I love Manhattan and autumn. Yankee Stadium is my favorite place on Earth.
It's up to you, New York, New York.

"I'd always loved that part in movies when a project, or even a person's whole life, came together: the montage, set to uplifting music, where you saw the spunky multicultural kids set aside their differences and fix up the old man's house, straighten the hanging shutters, paint the outside, mow the lawn, and weed the flowerbed; or the twentysomething woman who finally lost the weight, dancing through the aerobics class, mopping her brow while she rode a gym bike, with a white towel around her neck, and then at last she emerged from the bathroom all cleaned up, bashful but beautiful, and her best friend hugged her before she left for the date or party that would be her triumph. I wanted to be that person, and I wanted the in-between time when I improved myself to glide by just that smoothly, and with its own festive soundtrack." -Prep

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